Slate: The best material for roofing and façades known to man


A contemporary and sustainable façade using natural slate

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We are a carbon-neutral company
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Natural slate products Natural slate products

A high quality natural slate is an unbeatable product for any roofing or facade project.
Slate is 100% natural, durable and resistant in comparison to any other artificial alternative. Clad your home the right way!

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Roofing Slates

The best roofing material known to men. Our slates have a lifespan of more than 100 years and do not require any maintenance. Find out why one in two slates around the world carry our brand.
The widest range of natural slate for roofs

readyslate roofing system easy

READYSLATE® Lightweight roofing system

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The first pre-assembled natural slate roofing system, which keeps all the exceptional properties of natural slate creating an innovative and easy-to-install product. Lightweight roofing system

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CUPACLAD® Rainscreen cladding

Efficient, sustainable and simple to install ventilated facade system. Modern designs created in collaboration with Danish architects that take full advantage of the unique properties of natural slate. Natural slate rainscreen cladding systems

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Why use natural slate?

Discover the reasons why natural slate is the best material for roofing and cladding



A lifespan of more than 100 years with no color alteration.



Our process is 100% natural with no chemical or artificial products, the slate is cut by hand by our skilled splitters.



Fire-resistant, waterproof and resistant to ice and extreme weather conditions.

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The World leader in natural slate

Our commitment to high quality slate has gained us the trust of thousands of architects, roofers and private clients.


World leader

1 in 2 slates around the world holds our name.



We export to more than 60 countries, from Japan to Madagascar.


Natural slate

Producers since 1892 with more than 100 years experience.

The most sustainable choice

The Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), which evaluates the environmental impact of a product from extraction to the final disposal, confirms that natural slate is an ecological option for any architectural project.

CUPA PIZARRAS is officially a carbon-neutral company. We have achieved the carbon neutrality for our own operations thanks to our commitment to the environment during every stage of the production processes with these procedures certified by the highest international standards.

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Natural slate
A natural material with unmatched technical features, which is adaptable to any project as well as always being an added value..

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