4 Reasons an architect prefers CUPA PIZARRAS slate

uk housing with cupa spanish roofing slates

When choosing the materials for an architectural project, the architects usually look for the highest durability and the best appearance.


  1. Consistency

    Unlike other brands, CUPA PIZARRAS produces and transforms its natural slate in its own quarries and processing plants, enabling them to offer any kind of natural slate for roof tiles or facades.

    We have the widest range of natural slates. That ensures the continuity and availability of any product, and avoids variations in color or texture caused by combining different types of slates.

    a french house with a slate roof

  2. Technical support

    We have a team of natural slate experts dedicated to each of our slate products, and they are ready to advise you on any project complexity that may appear.

  3. Quality

    CUPA PIZARRAS natural slates exceed all the international standards and their quality is guaranteed by the most reputed international certifications (BRE, ASTM, NF, ATG…).

  4. Expertise

    CUPA PIZARRAS has been producing natural slates since 1892 and during their 125 years of expertise, our constant search for new efficient and sustainable production processes have made us the world’s largest producer of natural slate. As a matter of fact, 1 in every 2 slates supplied around the world is a CUPA PIZARRAS slate!

These are some of the reasons why thousands of architects worldwide have chosen the inimitable quality of CUPA PIZARRAS’ slate. Its exclusive textures have inspired them to create unique projects in which natural slate stands out on its own.


CUPA PIZARRAS slate is timeless and adapt easily to any project, conferring an unmistakable personality. They have been selected for many different valuable projects such as:

  • Cultural and historic interest buildings
  • Contemporary architecture
  • Traditional dwellings

iconic buidlings with cupa spanish slate